ASMTower analysis and design software

Advanced Structural Modeling for Towers

ASMTower is an advanced software designed to rapidly analyze, design, and streamline the preparation of fabrication drawings for telecom towers. With comprehensive output capabilities based on both graphics and text, ASMTower offers a complete solution for tower design and analysis.

You can analysis and design different types of structures such as tapered/stepped monopoles, lattice towers, guyed masts, guyed poles and strut (bracketed) masts or poles. ASMTower calculates all required data from structure loading, linear/nonlinear analysis, buckling lengths, effective buckling length, member strength, bolt strength, anchor bolt strength, anchor development length, foundation analysis, foundation stability checks, interaction diagrams for RC columns, and prepared 3D model in Tekla to prepare shop drawings.

ASMTower allows for the assignment of various appurtenances to all types of structures, including steel ladders, step bolts, safety wires, feeders, panel antennas, microwave antennas, satellite dishes, solar panels, and generic appurtenances.

ASMTower supports the American code ANSI/TIA-222-I / H, which includes wind turbine structures design within its scope.

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Top 5 Reasons Why ASMTower Is Your Best Choice.

ASMTower offers solutions to a multitude of problems in the tower design industry, encompassing but not limited to:

  • checkIncorporates international design codes; ANSI/TIA-222-I, ANSI/TIA-222-H, ANSI/TIA-222-G, and the European code EN1993-3-1, allowing for the design of both the tower and its foundation in the same software.
  • checkCreates realistic 3D graphics, allowing for easy review of input.
  • checkFully automated processing includes loads, geometry, analysis and design.
  • checkdetailed reports and charts, allowing for customizable reporting styles.
  • checkTechnical support, rapid growth and continuous enhancements.
TIA H,Telecom tower and monopole
3d photos for structures used in the telecom industry

Our vision is to enhance productivity and quality in the tower design industry, which motivates us to consistently equip ASMTower with a variety of attractive features.

  • checkPowerful and responsive technical support.
  • checkProblem solvers and innovative thinkers.
  • checkFree addition of new features upon client request.
  • checkcontinuously conduct market research and emerge best practices
  • checkMaximize tower design efficiency with ASMTower.

Design your Tower in a Minute with ASMTower!!

ASMTower streamlines the design of self-supporting towers by using its amazing optimization feature and performs the design with minimal effort and time. It offers great flexibility to designers by allowing them to control the sections and final utilization ratio of main leg and bracing members.ASMTower offers two optimization methods:

The first method keeps the tower width unchanged while adjusting member sizes to achieve the desired utilization ratio. The second optimization method involves changing both the face width and member sizes to achieve the least weight, allowing for input of a range for the bottom and top face width and software then adjusts both the member sizes and face widths to achieve the desired result.
ASMTower provides detailed charts that describe the total weight of each iteration, as well as face width and deflection.
This level of detail and analysis is incredibly helpful for designers, allowing them to make informed decisions and adjustments as needed.
By automating and optimizing the tower design process while providing detailed analysis, ASMTower saves designers a significant amount of time and money, making it a highly valuable tool in the industry.

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