Foundation Design

ASMTower has the ability to perform foundation design for telecom structures, including towers and monopoles.

The foundation type can be either mat foundation or monopile foundation. User can define the dimensions of the foundations and specifications of the used materials, properties the soil layers and the level of the groundwater, then software checks overall stability, capacity assessments in different sections and interaction diagram for bi-axially columns. In minutes user can complete foundation design for telecom structures. Design follows the following codes:

  • ACI-318 and ANSI/TIA-222-G.
  • ACI-318 and ANSI/TIA-222-H.
  • ACI-318 and ANSI/TIA-222-I.
  • EN1992-1-1:2004

Structure’s reactions are automatically reflected on the foundation which reduces the time consumed and makes no space for human mistakes.

Mat Foundation drawing can easily be generated and exported in a CAD format, with steel and concrete quantity estimation.


  • Design/Analysis of monopile for monopoles.
  • Design/Analysis of monopile for 3-leg or 4-leg towers.
  • Design/Analysis of mat foundation for monopoles.
  • Design/Analysis of mat foundation for 3-leg or 4-leg towers.
  • Soil layer definitions.
  • Automatically importing reactions from structure analysis or from user-defined load cases and load combinations.
  • Comprehensive and detailed output.
  • Supporting US, Metric or mixed unit systems

Design Capabilities

ASMTower perform following calculations according to chosen design code:

  • Maximum stress on soil vs. allowable stress.
  • Overall stability as uplift, overturning and sliding.
  • Adequate resistance for single shear, punching shear and flexural strength.
  • Interaction diagram for uniaxial/biaxial columns.
  • Minimum required area of reinforcement following design code.

Enjoy ASMTower tutorial videos.