ASMTower features

ASMTower was created by tower design experts at ASMTechnologies with the goal of simplifying the tower design process.
The software streamlines the design of both towers and their foundations and facilitates the creation of fabrication drawings.

ASMTower is capable of designing towers in accordance with both the American standards ANSI/TIA-222-G, H & I and the European standard EN1993-3-1 along with its national annexes.

  • User inputs structure data.
  • The software performs load calculation.
  • FE model is created and analyzed by the software.
  • Members and bolt connections are checked by the software.
  • Detailed report is generated by the software.

ASMTower utilizes both the American standards ANSI/TIA-222-I, ANSI/TIA-222-H and ANSI/TIA-222-G, as well as the European standard En1993-3-1, to analyze and design towers. The software automatically generates Dead load, Wind load, Ice load, and Guy load for the entire structure. ASMTower creates a 3D frame-truss model of the structure and calculates the straining actions on all members, as well as tower deformation.

ASMTower provides a complete 3D visualization of the structure, as well as its appurtenances, transmission lines, and ladders. This feature simplifies the structure review process and provides an accurate representation of the structure.

Guyed Pole Model in ASMTower
Latticed Tower Model in ASMTower
3Leg Mast With Struts Model in ASMTower
Pole Carrying Satellite Dish Model in ASMTower

ASMTower can design the following types of structures:

  • Three or four sided self-supporting towers
  • Three or four sided guyed towers
  • All types of tapered/stepped monopoles (round, 20-sided, 18-sided, 16-sided, 12-sided, and 8-sided)
  • Guyed poles
  • Structures with strut members (typically used in rooftop structures)
  • Non-penetrated base structures

Additionally, the software can handle structures that are a combination of the above types.