Tutorial Videos

Design Examples

In these videos, you will learn how to design some common structures in the telecom industry using ASMTower.

Example 1: 30m monopole with 6 Antenna

Learn how to design a 30m monopole with dual platform to carry 6 GSM antenna, 18 RRU, and 2 microwaves 1.2m. Telecom tower industry.

Example 2: How to design a 55 m Self-supporting tower TIA-222-G or H using ASMTower

In this example, you will learn how to verify the safety of an existing 55-meter tower according to TIA-222 code and the unsafe members will be retrofitted. Tower has been checked using ASMTower software to carry a climbing ladder, a feeding ladder, a transmission line cluster, gsm antennas, and microwave dishes. Anchor bolt and Mat foundation are also checked/ designed.

Part 1 : Tower Geometry

Part 3 : Panel antenna and MWs

Part 2 : Ladder & Feeders

Part 6 : Mat foundation